Marvin Oliver – Founder <BR>  Alaska Canoe Experience

Marvin Oliver – Founder
Alaska Canoe Experience

Marvin Oliver, son of Emmett and Georgia Oliver, is of Quinault and Isleta – Pueblo descent. Marvin is a contemporary artist known locally and internationally for his large private and public works. He works in a variety of media such as bronze, glass and wood. His career is also highlighted by his colorful embossed silk screened prints. Marvin’s career in education and Native American art has spanned over 45 years. Click the link to read his full biography.

His wife Brigette Ellis, a Ketchikan Native, features Marvin’s work exclusively at her Alaska Eagle Arts Gallery at #5 Creek Street. This colorful gallery displays a unique boutique of high-end art and gifts. We are celebrating its 26th year on the Creek. Click here for its location.

Marvin and his family have seen first hand the impact of his father Emmett’s unified quest of spirituality among First Peoples. The tribal youth greatly benefit from participating in the annual canoe journey that instills discipline, cultural pride, and traditions. He has taken this opportunity to build on what his father accomplished by creating traditional style canoes for sight seeing that will incorporate Native youth from Ketchikan. He is now able to share some of these ancient and sacred Native American traditions through Alaska Canoe Experience.

Now you can enjoy the Alaska Canoe Experience in the beautiful city of Ketchikan. See the traditional Native regalia, hear the Native songs, and paddle in a beautiful canoe modeled from the ancient tribal canoes of 800 years ago. All the canoes are adorned with Marvin Oliver’s elegant designs. We invite you to join us and participate in our canoe experience and in turn share your experience with others upon your return home.

For a truly amazing experience of a lifetime!

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